Eder Flagpoles

Eder Flagpole distributor with the world's largest inventory of Cone Tapered Aluminum and Fiberglass Flagpole shafts. In terms of our quality, price and service, we are second to none. Our flagpoles are used in all 50 states.

Eder Flagpole's Creative design, precision engineering and conscientious workmanship are our benchmarks. Whether your need is for flagpoles, hardware or brackets in steel, stainless steel, brass or bronze alloy, our experts have the know-how and equipment to handle all your needs.

Eder Flagpole's selection and quality are un-surpassed, some of our selections include:

  • Internal Halyard Series Flagpoles
  • External Halyard Series Flagpoles
  • Accessories such as trucks and groundsleeves
  • Special Budget series poles
  • Unique series such as The Homesteader Flagpole
Eder Flagpole ensures that you're getting a flagpole that will stand up to wind, vibration, and anything else mother nature brings around. To see our complete line of Eder Flagpoles and accessories, click here

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